Home Inspections

All our inspection services include a half day evaluation of the structure and property. The inspection report is a computer report and includes digital pictures that is emailed to you. A summary report is prioritized on site as needed. At inspections during the hot summer months, cold water and soda are provided to clients and agents as we review home systems. We provide our clients with direct support from our inspectors for all future home maintenance questions for as long as you own the home we have inspected. Our consultations are provided on an hourly basis and allow clients to write their own summary and include our lifetime phone support.

Our inspection services include:

New Construction and Phase Inspections
Georgia building law is administered by the International Code Council (ICC), however builders are currently not required to be code certified by the ICC. Our ICC certified inspectors will review your biggest purchase of a lifetime to verify your builder and their contractor(s) have not cut corners and are in compliance with current state building codes. Our inspectors will verify that your home has been built in compliance with state building codes and common building practices have been followed including manufactures installation requirements. County or city inspectors make frequent visits to the building site, however, they spend very little time and inspect to state minimum requirements. Our phase inspections guarantee the best review of your investment. Phase inspections begin with the foundation pour but the most critical review is the rough-in inspection or pre-drywall, often called a framing inspection. This is the last chance to see many important structural, wiring and fire safety issues closed in when the sheet rock is hung. A final inspection checks all home systems and reviews issues identified in previous phase inspections and city and county inspections.

Pre-listing Inspections
Are you considering putting your home on the market? A pre-listing inspection is a great way to prepare your home and property for sale. A pre-listing inspection provides the seller with a prioritized list of safety upgrades and needed repairs. It is also a significant marketing tool to prepare your home for timely sale. No surprises in the homes condition during the due diligence period is a great selling point. This inspection is often used by home owners who seek the highest profit and timely closings, investors selling a rental property or families who have inherited a property.

Residential and Resale Inspections
A home inspection is a valuable tool for the potential home buyer and is key to assuring a sound investment and safe environment. Every home regardless of age should be inspected for safety and to insure all home systems are properly working. The home inspector is often the only party not invested in the outcome of the sale and provides an un-biased evaluation of the investment. We are proud to adhere to the highest national inspection standards and ethics using American Society of Home Inspector (ASHI) standards. Our clients are encouraged to be present at the inspection. By attending the inspection, our clients learn more about the unique advantages of their home as well as many tips on maintaining their investment in key areas like energy efficiency, water conservation and exterior upkeep. The inspection is an important opportunity for our clients to ask any and all questions they have about their future home. The inspection report provides an objective review of all house systems and documents any repair or safety concerns. The report includes a summary for quick review of findings and recommendations written in easy to understand language to allow for smooth final negotiations.

Radon Testing
Radon testing is recommended for all dwellings by government and medical agencies including the United States Surgeon General, the Center for Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Environmental Health Association and others. It is required by HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and most relocation firms. Our goal is to provide same day service for radon test placement in the Atlanta and north Georgia areas. Our electronic continuous monitors supply accurate reports on site in as little as 48 hours. Mitigation consulting is available as well as independent follow up testing after the mitigation system is in place to insure the mitigation system is working properly. Long term Alpha Trac testing and commercial multi tests are also available. For more information on radon, see our Alpha Radon web site www.alpharadon.com.

Our inspectors are available for review of selected building systems, renovations or single item concerns. Owners or investors can review and see multiple homes or investment properties from the point of view of a seasoned building inspector. This service provides our clients with objective comparisons when considering multiple properties. Also, homeowners with specific concerns can obtain an expert opinion on a renovation or a particular system. This service is available for an hourly rate for the time spent on site plus trip fee depending on location.

Servicing all of North Georgia, including Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Forsyth, DeKalb and Cherokee counties.